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Ambassador Armand Foal Auction only for Uilepheist
Ambassador Armand Foal Auction only for Uilepheist for both foals
Breeding to Armand
Armand Stud Information by Tigra1988
Armand by Tigra1988
For more Information please read Stud Info
Breeding to Ambassador
Ambassador Stud Information by Tigra1988
Ambassador by Tigra1988
For more information please read Stud Info

Newest Deviations

Amazing Art for me

Amazing Artists do amazing Art for me! :heart:


Wilkenburg Stables Advent Calender 2014 by Tigra1988
Wilkenburg Stables Advent Calender 2014

Hey you lovely horses artists out there. I wanna show you something i'm actuall working on...

It's almost time again, Christmas is fast approaching. And for you to shorten the waiting time, for some of you I've prepared a special Christmas gift this year! An Horse-Art advent calendar!
Every day a new door will be open, with a little surprise as a "thank you" for all the great HARPG members who brought me through the year 2014 here at deviantart. Artist,
to whom I look up, people I closed the heart and faithful watchers. To all of you a big THANK YOU for the support, the inspiration and the loyalty this year! I love you all :heart:

As a special surprise if your horse can be seen in the Advent Calender, you can choose between a number 1-6. Write this in a comment below this advent calendar. After 25th december will be announced, what is behind what number. For example gifts as breedings to Ambassador, Armand and Scirocco, bookmarks (free delivery in germany, in other countrys the winner should take the shipping), animated icons and tack designs.

It was hard to limit to 25, so do not be sad if you're not here this year, maybe it will work next year!

1. codfishing's amazing Dahlia  
        I did an collab for the Olympics this year with her! She is such an amazing artist and a very nice person!
2. Aomori's unique Karthala
        I loved her Art since im on DA! And this year she watches me, it's a big honor for me! Thank you!
3. Zoubstance's freaking Sagadir
        She is such a nice person, one of the persons i like the most here on DA! Her art is so unique.
4. YleniaBax's beautiful Wake me up
        Her style is so damn amazing! Go and check her out!
5. SilvesterVitale's beautiful Opheliac
        He is an damn amazing artist with a very awesome drawing style and beautiful Horsies
6. KittycatNita's breathtaking Crixus
        A very very nice person i really like with an breathtaking drawing style.
7. Tattered-Dreams cute Nuriel
        A very amazing awesome with some very cute and unique style!
8. Starblas blueeyed Blackbeauty Reve
        Starblas is such a nice girl with a damn amazing drawing style
9. Wakimi's stunning
Double W Frecklarc OakdWr
        Since a long time i really like her, she is such a nice person and a great artist!
10. ReQuay gracile Keira
        This is a little "thank you" for her, because she sponsored a lot of points for the Elite Dressage Event!
11. Nuklear-Bunnies funny Follow the Creed
        She is a very faithful watcher since a long time, and a really nice girl with awesome horsie-art
12. Naia-Art's beauty Valhalla
        She is an breathtaking artist and a really really nice person
BlueMoonStables breathtaking Nienna Anario
        A very nice girl with awesome art and a faithful watcher. Thank you
14. Joybird's proud Benjamin Brown
        She has a dan cute style and is a very nice person
15. Syhne's amazing Gwenvael
        We are DA Friends since a long time and she is a really nice person with an amazing drawing style
16. Horselove4's stunning Silent Darkness
        She is an awesome watcher and a big DA Friend since a long time. Hope she see this, because she is very inactive at the momen =/
17. Decorum100's proud Queen Bee
        I really like her and we are big DA Friends since a long time ago! Her style has a big
recognition value. Please come back to the Horse art hun, i really miss you!
18. WolfsMoon1 strong Samurai
        She bought him from WS this year, and we are very good friends since i am on DA! She is an amazing artist! 
19. Minnie1994's grazile Rosalie
Minnie and me are like DA Sisters! We love and hate each other in the same ways :D Bu we are really big DA Friends! And today it's her Birthday! Happy Birthday hun! 
20. Haathwyn's amazing Commander
        She is such an nice person, i really like her and call her a DA friend since a long time!
21. :devBRlS-Love-Is-My-Life:'s proud Quadro
        She is a very nice girl and an awesome artist! We are DA Friends since a long time.
22. FlareAndIcicle's amazing Reckless Stallion
        She is a very faithful watcher with an amazing gallery
23. Shangol's awesome Jason
        Shangol and me are real big DA Friends since a ling time, she is such a nice person an has an amazing drawing style!
24. Chumpi-Champi's beautiful
Warm Sjokolade
        She is such a loyal watcher and a person here on DA who really means a lot to me!

:new: You want a guarantee to see your Horse in the Wilkenburg Stables Advent Calender 2014?

So there are two options! I'm planning to feature two Horsies in the 25th Door!

CATCH THE KIRRIBAN AT 100.000 Pageviews!
Catched by MooiHorseDesigns

Make a Screenshot of my Profile with the 100.000 Pageviews and win the 25th Place in my Wilkenburg Stables Advent Calender!
Prerequisite is that the 100,000 are cracked up to December 23th.

The Auction!

Auction starts with 50 :points:. Auction ends december 10th 2014 at 12:00h CET
Post your bid under the comment below.

Good Luck!

WS Trophys

Sat Jun 18, 2011, 6:16 AM

Standing arround, looking good and whinnying by Tigra1988 Going crazy and freaking arround by Tigra1988 Reverent jump by Tigra1988 Bathrobe Warriors xD by Tigra1988 ZS0018 by ZoubstanceZAS Grading Ribbon by ZoubstanceZAS trophy by Zoubstance ZAS Champion Ribbon by Zoubstance

Asconas first Event - Breeder Champion Mare Oct'14 by Tigra1988 .:| Traaker breeder ribbon |:. by BRls-love-is-MY-Live .:|Traaker breeder ribbon|:. Champion Mare by BRls-love-is-MY-Live

Black Beauty by Tigra1988 1st by AniaJag

Hand in Hand by Tigra1988 1st by AniaJagGrand Champion by AniaJag

Dancing in the Rain by Tigra1988 ZZOS 1st place | Dressage by ZoubstanceZZOS - 1st place ribbon by Zoubstance

Foal Halter by Tigra1988 2nd Place by mapal

Shiny - King is Back to Business by Tigra1988 1st Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions Grand Champion Neck Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions

 Under Control by Tigra1988.: Secound place ribbon: by BRls-love-is-MY-Live

Ambassadors Heir by Tigra1988 Ribbon: 1st Place by sazzy-riza

Kyparissos in liberty by Tigra1988 Ribbon: 1st Place by sazzy-riza

The Pas De Deux of Champions by Decorum100 Ribbon: 4th Place by sazzy-riza

Supreme Stallion Talent by Tigra1988 3rd Place

Hanoverian Duett by Tigra1988 Rosenborg Royal Spring Event 2nd Place - PDD by Minnie1994 2nd and Judges Choice!

Omnomnom fluffly little cuty by Tigra1988 5th Place

Kick it off! by Tigra1988 4th Place

Phantome of the Opera by Tigra1988 2nd Place!

Wannabe Dressage Champion by Tigra1988 3rd Place!

Haute Ecole by Tigra1988 ORS Spring Mini Dressage Show by Tigra1988 ORS Spring Dressage Mini Show - Grand Champion by FireSkip

Haute Ecole by Tigra1988 ORS Spring Dressage Mini Show - 1st Place Ribbon by FireSkip

ORS Spring Mini Dressage Show by Tigra1988 4th Place

I'm sexy and i know it by Tigra1988 6th Place

The big bang by Tigra1988 2nd Place

Lancester Mini Event by Tigra1988 3rd Place 3rd ribbon by Kalypzo91

Pas de deux by Tigra1988 WS and RS - 5th Class 9 by mapal

Spinning around by Tigra1988 Class 8 - Welldone by mapal 21th Place

Thunder by Tigra1988 30th Place

I've got the music on my mind by Tigra1988 Ribbon 1st -Mini- Ambassador by SaintTheSinner

First Steps to Fame by Tigra1988 Ribbon 2nd Place by Shangol

Horseball by Tigra1988 :thumb211652750: :thumb217492012: Horse Football Cups: 1st by Ikiuni Horse Football Ribbons: 1st by Ikiuni

Great Dane Vol.2 by Tigra1988 5th Place

Armands First Competition by Tigra1988 BS-YHS - Fifth by Baringa-of-the-Wind

Great Dane by Tigra1988 :thumb205775173:

River flows in you... by Tigra1988 Special Mentions Ribbon by RainbowFountains

HARPG Olympics - Dressage by Tigra1988 :thumb188732863: :thumb191756695:

Extravaganza - Six Bar Jumping by Tigra1988 SJ Extravaganza Ribbon- 5th by handstands-for-you

Ambassador - GP Dressage by Tigra1988 4th Place

Graphics by Tigra1988
CSS by CasablancaStudios
and big thankies to jockeyy
  • Mood: Joy
Saddle chamber Trophy Board by Tigra1988
Saddle chamber Trophy Board
This is the Trohpyboard from Wilkenburg Stables!
Here you can follow the history and awards from Wilkenburg stables.
Have fun! ;-)


:bulletwhite: 02.02.2010 Ambassador make the 4th place by Rosendal GP Dressage! His first international competition!…
:bulletwhite: 20.10.2010 Nordlicht became 5th Place at handstands-for-you's DT Show Jumping Extravaganza! - Six Bar Jumping
:bulletwhite: 09.11.2010 Ambassador became HARPG-de *STER* and Elitestammbuch Eliteblut
:bulletwhite: 25.12.2010 Ambassador win the HARPG Olympics Dressage
:bulletwhite: 19.04.2011 Special Mentions for Royal Ashcroft Three Day Event - Dressage Kür
:bulletwhite: 21.04.2011 Ambassador made 4th Place in Danes Championship D1
:bulletwhite: 16.06.2011 Armand made the 5th Place in Beaumont's Young Horses Show - Foal halter Class
:bulletwhite: 18.06.2011 Ambassador became Dressage-League Medium level
:bulletwhite: 13.07.2011 Mørk Chokolade Mafia won the Ikiuni Stables' Grand Spring Horse Show - Horse Soccer Tournament together with Strawberry Drops
:bulletwhite: 28.08.2011 Armand made the 2nd place in. Tullstorp Stables Semi Mini Event His first under saddle competition!
:bulletwhite: 01.10.2011 Ambassador made the 1st place in. ShannonSuicide's Mini Event
:bulletwhite: 22.09.2011 Ambassador made the 21st place in. Summer Dressage Show - Class 8 - High Level Dressage Kür
:bulletwhite: 21.10.2011 Ambassador made the 5th place in. Summer Dressage Show - Class 9 - Pas De Deux Together with Hohenstein and Franziska Minte from Rosental Stables
:bulletwhite: 25.10.2011 Ambassador made the 3rd place in. Lancaster Stable Mini event
:bulletwhite: 05.06.2012 Ambassador made the 1st place and the Grande Champion in. ORS Spring Dressage Mini Show
:bulletwhite: 24.06.2012 Ambassador and Armand made the 2nd place in Rosenborg Royal Spring Event Pas de deux
:bulletwhite: 15.01.2013 Ambassador made the 3rd place in HARPG's Supreme Stallion 2012 (ribbon follows)
:bulletwhite: 17.01.2013 Ambassador and ISI Queen Bee made the 4th place in ArDes Year's End Event Pas de deux
:bulletwhite: 17.01.2013 Armand and RS A Capella made the 1st place in ArDes Year's End Event Pas de deux
:bulletwhite: 17.01.2013 Kyparissos made the 1st place in ArDes Year's End Event Stallion Liberty
:bulletwhite: 28.07.2014 Armand made the 2nd place in Traaker Opening Grad Prix Dressage
:bulletwhite: 31.07.2014 Ambassador made the 1st place in SFE Dressage Opening Show Advanced Dressage
:bulletwhite: 31.07.2014 Seraius made the 2nd place in Firelight Mini Show July 2014 Foal Halter
:bulletwhite: 12.09.2014 Ambassador made the 1st place in the Zlesdin/Zdarloch Stables Opening Show Dressage
:bulletwhite: 18.09.2014 Scirocco made the 1st place in the Ascendancy Stables Dressage Specialty 1st/2nd Level
:bulletwhite: 18.09.2014 Scirocco made the 1st place in the Ascendancy Stables Dressage Specialty Dressage in Hand
:bulletwhite: 18.09.2014 Scirocco are the Grand Champion in the Ascendancy Stables Dressage Specialty
:bulletwhite: 04.10.2014 Ascona made the 1st Place (Breeder Champion Mare) in the Traaker Breeder Mini Show Oct'14
:bulletwhite: 02.12.2014 Cheenook became Zlesdin of the Month December 2014
:bulletwhite: 10.12.2014 Cheenook was Studbook Approved and Stallion Champion at the Zlesdin Autumn Show

If you want to do a trophy board and something like this, do that!
but I would be delighted if you give me a credit for the idea! ;-)
Idea © by me


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Long Time offline... But now... Need new Premium Mebership, because my Journals look horrible at the time...!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

AUSe-Olympics Inspection by Tigra1988

Name: WS Ambassador
Age: 14 yo
Breed: Hanoverian
Olympic discipline: Dressage
Number: #028
Rider: Samantha Malz

Previous training images (4 points)

Dressage Training 1 (2pts)
Dressage Training 2 (2pts)

Previous Show + Results (16,5 points)

Show Entry + 1st Place (4pts)
Show Entry + 1st Place (4pts)
Show Entry + 2nd Place (3pts)
Show Entry + 2nd Place (3pts)
Show Entry + 3rd Place (2,5pts)

AUSe Training images (10 points)

Arrival/Other images (23 points)

Inspection images (5 points)

Inspection Image (5 pts)

Official entry (FB, Reg number shown, Correct tack & attire, complex shading & bg, 12 p, 3 sponsors = 31.5 + ? from judges)

Point total: 58,5 + ? from judges

Point total : 72.5 + ? from judges

Graphics by Tigra1988
CSS by CasablancaStudios
and big thankies to jockeyy


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